10 Feb 2011

Video demonstration of how Christian fundamentalists indoctrinate children with anti-science creationist lies

Ken Ham, the Christian evangelical behind the anti-science website Answers in Gensis and the Creation Museum  now wants Kentucky state funds to create a theme park based on Noah's ark.

Watch this video for an example of how Ken Ham and his ilk indoctrinate children with Bible lies:

Now contrast that method of unthinking learning by rote with the following critical thinking method. Watch this series of videos for an example how a real scientist teaches the facts of evolution to children:


Creationists weaken U.S. education system, only a quarter of high school students adequately taught evolutionary biology

Ohio school district payed nearly a million dollars to fire science teacher who taught creationism

Hearing for Ohio science teacher sacked for evangelizing and teaching anti-science shows great divide in U.S. society 

Nebraska education administrators get mixed messages from lawyers on legality of promoting religion in schools 

Vacation Liberty School uses Christian fundamentalism to politically indoctrinate children

Federal Court of Appeal asked to stop California college proselytizing and imposing religion on students

Advocacy group battles illegal Christian fundamentalist proselytizing in U.S. public schools

Fundamentalist Christian 'punk' band uses deception to evangelize and indoctrinate in U.S. schools

Radical Christian extremists aim to undermine public education by targeting high school kids for indoctrination into fundamentalist worldview

Christian fundamentalist boot-camp for kids indoctrinates them to fight 'bloody' religious war

Child Evangelism Fellowship complains it is banned from converting children in public housing project

Catholic parents upset that teen son was peer-pressured into baptism in Baptist church while on school trip

European Court of Human Rights rules crucifixes in Italian schools violates children's religious freedom to believe or not

Parental rights vs children's rights: debating the role of religious institutions in Irish education system

Church of England's proselytising plans will target children for recruitment and indoctrination

Quebec bans teaching a belief, a dogma or the practice of a specific religion in government subsidized daycares

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