18 Feb 2011

Fugitive leaders of The Family International found hiding in Mexico after former members sought psychological help

Note from Perry Bulwer:   The following article appeared in a Mexican publication in Spanish. This is a Google translation of the article. The translation gets it mostly right, but there are instances where it is hard to tell if an error is in the translation or in the reported fact. There are some funny blunders though. Watch for the description of "flirty fishing", which was a method of proselytizing that was essentially religious prostitution.

The original article in Spanish is at: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2011/02/13/index.php?section=politica&article=013n1pol

La Jornada   -  Mexico    February 13, 2011, p. 13

With leaders convicted of pedophilia, the Children of God sect took refuge in NL

by Sanjuana Martínez

Alfred Kelley over the keys of a float to Bladimiro Montalvo Salas, mayor of Santiago, Nuevo León. In the image-captured Jan. 18, also appears Sara Kelley (necklace), who along with Alfred is accused of pedophilia and flee from several countries Photo La Jornada

Sara Kelley, author of a manual of 762 pages used pederasty as a spiritual leader of the Children of God cult and accused several countries of sexual abuse against children has been found in Santiago, Nuevo León, a safe haven to further expand their indoctrination religious.

Founded more than 40 years, the cult has changed its appearance and name to evade justice: from 1978 to 1981 was called The Family of Love, from 82 to 94, Family, from 90 to 95, Transformation; 95 to 2003, he returned to use the Family, and now continue to expand in the world as the Family International.

In the mountains of Santiago, under the guise of an altruistic benefactors American couple, Prisca (real name Sarah) and her husband Alfred Kelley founded six years ago the civil partnership Aid for All, whose stated purpose is to support orphanages, schools and vulnerable groups in the region.

They live in the community of San Andres, a town in the Neighborhood, located at kilometer 256 of the road. The house on Quail Street and Avenue 22 is Birds in place a bell ring. The gardener opened the gate. In a wide expanse of land has a swimming pool, green areas, palapa, and four trucks, two with Texas plates, and the other with nomenclature of Nuevo Leon, and a mobile home.

In the distance, Sara Kelley, 61, looks out the front door of the house.Dodge, cautiously, slowly out, look outside, take some wood to fuel their fire and disappears. Her companion is approaching. Sara says his name. She is blond, is just 20 years old and pregnant.With rudimentary Spanish, the apology:It is very busy. Journalists can not attend .

In sheep's clothing

The associations of former Children of God say that Sarah Kelley is a senior leader of the sect. Fled from several countries beset by scandals of corruption of minors and other crimes. It is considered a dangerous pedophile and pederast. First believed to live in Brazil.Then, recent reports indicated that lived in Mexico somewhere .

The residents of the Neighborhood became suspicious of her and her altruism few months ago. Help For All, AC. The Family International was organizing events in schools and orphanages with the software Resistance Education Drug Abuse and Violence (Dare), which conducts the state Public Safety. Then related to the authorities of the municipality of Santiago, the local DIF, Caritas and the Lions Club. Over the past years have organized brigades to remote and needy communities in the mountains with U.S. medical and travel to Texas to collect donations of health equipment and supplies.

They present themselves as missionaries who serve the community of Nuevo León . They donated an ambulance, hospital beds and wheelchairs. On January 18 gave the mayor a hearse, they said, cost $ 500 and 5000 was sponsored by 25 friends. For the residents of the Neighbourhood were struck by the regularity of so-called bingo gringos who have been organizing in the village for poor children.

But what really blew some neighbors alerts were people who claimed to have belonged to the association and came to seek therapy with a psychologist at the resort. A neighbor who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, said: It is a cult. Already there are injured people.These guys, Sara and Alf, have a history of pedophilia in the United States and other countries and have been tried on many occasions in the absence and were found guilty. Sara is the editor and promoter of pedophilia these materials to be used within their communities .

Perverse History

In 1968, former evangelical pastor David Brandt Berg (1919-1994) founded the sect-Christian home in America. His doctrine, considered dangerous by the sexual exploitation of its members, is based on an interpretation of the Bible according to which sex-in its many different manifestations, including incest, is used to demonstrate the love of God.

Berg 30 years ago developed a particular method of recruitment of members based on the so-called flirty fish or fucking fuck . It is the preaching of the Gospel using sex between adults and children to win converts and make money forcing women to religious prostitution .

Berg, also known as Moses David, Mo, Father David, Dad and Grandpa made apocalyptic prophecies of the end of the world that were never fulfilled. He was accused of sexually abusing their daughters, granddaughters and disciples.

Sara Kelley was Ricky's nanny Davidito Rodriguez, son of the sect's current leader, Karen Zerby, Berg's and stepson. She recounts the abuses committed against children.

"At 20 months old, Davidito was excited when I wash his tail, his penis becomes erect and hard. Both are exciting, open your legs begging for more ... When playing on the floor, frequently open their legs for me to kiss his penis.Both like to go so far as to take people by the hand to make him sit on the floor, then spreads her legs to receive the same treatment, "writes Sara Kelley on pages 334/335 of the manual , which includes explicit photographs of abuse, a text that became the method of raising children of the sect.

Sara and Alf gave his own daughter Davida, born in 1976, Berg sex as a gift when she was five. She and Davidito are the protagonists of pedophile manual written by Sara, whose daughter was interviewed several years ago by Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Davida criticized the methods the group in 2005 after the suicide of RickyDavidito Rodriguez, who committed suicide after killing one of their nurses residing in the United States.

The leaders of the sect have lived hand to mouth. Karen changed her name to Katherine Rianna Smith, 4 November 1997 - and his partner Steven Douglas Kelly by Christopher Smith, according to the records of the victims of the group.

Most have lived in secret, locked up in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Philippines, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, among other countries.

Berg and leaders who have replaced have been tried in several countries for sexual abuse against minors, among other crimes. They have always shown a great ability to evade justice.

In 1995, Judge Ward of the Supreme Court in London sentenced in absentia for his crimes: "There was widespread abuse of children and adolescents, perpetrated by adults, and such abuses were more frequent in the bosom of the family in society general.

"There is overwhelming evidence that the senior leadership of the group was guilty of sexual abuse of minors.

About Berg has the responsibility to propagate the doctrine that so wickedly misled his flock and injured the children , said the court ruling over 500 pages, which refers to the sect as The Family of Sex.

The costume

The Family International has tried to distance himself from its recent past, but has never renounced its guidelines. The practice of free sex among its members and customs swinger (swingers) are common, but always try to hide their methods to potential donors and organizations that relate to them and serve as a cover for their true interests.

For more delusional enough, the cult is to its members the wife , so you can engage in sexual relations with any member. Shown against relationships that do not agree to be open to the entire group. Performed the ceremony Sundaychurch of love , which is a Mass with singing and devotions that ends in a general orgy.

Alf and Sara Kelley has held meetings with the mayor substitute Santiago Montalvo Bladimiro Salas. denounces the presence of the sect with the mayor Edelmiro Cavazos and his team said he would act, but a few days later he was assassinated. Then I went with the new mayor, and they answered that there are currently addressing other priority issues, says one of the neighbors, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Questioned why they have not acted against Sara Kelley and why the DIF and other support to children continue interacting with it, and concludes: "She comes out in photos and videos of child abuse. There is an HBO documentary.The magazine Rolling Stone has published a report saying that is presumed to be somewhere in Mexico and, oh, surprise, is here in The Neighborhood. Why not stop? The concern is that in countries where there have been people in collusion with them because their modus operandi is sex, promiscuity and Mexico, where there is so degenerate, who give bread to cry. "


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  1. Mexico raids alleged sex slavery cult on U.S. border


    MEXICO CITY - Mexican officials broke up a bizarre cult that allegedly ran a sex-slavery ring among its followers on the U.S. border, authorities said Tuesday.

    The "Defensores de Cristo" or "Defenders of Christ" cult allegedly recruited women to have sex with a Spanish man who claimed he was the reincarnation of Christ. Followers were subjected to forced labour or sexual services, including prostitution, according to a victims' advocacy group that said it filed a complaint more than a year ago about the cult.

    Federal police, agents of Mexico's National Immigration Institute and prosecutors raided a house earlier this week near Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas, and found cult members, including children, living in filthy conditions

    The institute said 14 foreigners were detained in the raid and have been turned over to prosecutors, pending possible charges.

    Those detained include six Spaniards, and two people each from Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela. One person from Argentina and one from Ecuador were also detained. Spain's Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed its citizens were among those arrested.

    The institute said 10 Mexicans were also found at the house, mainly women, and are presumably among the victims of the cult.

    The Attorney General's Office said the investigation was still under way as to what charges, if any, might apply in the case. Given the binds of sect loyalty that had been built over an estimated three years, prosecutors were still trying to work out which of the detainees may be considered victims, and which were abusers.

    The institute said the sect's leaders made members pay "tithes," with money or forced labour.

    An official of the institute who was not authorized to be quoted by name said that women were recruited to the sect and then were forced to have sex with sect elders; the official described it as a form of human trafficking that included prostitution.

    continued in next comment...

  2. Spaniard Ignacio Gonzalez de Arriba set up shop in Mexico about three years ago, after a stint in Brazil and other parts of South America.

    He quickly became involved in offering courses on "bio-programming," an esoteric practice that claims to allow practicants to 'reprogram' their brains to eliminate pain, suffering and anxiety.

    But according to the Defenders of Christ website, he quickly moved on to claim that he was Jesus Christ reincarnated.

    Photos of Gonzalez de Arriba are juxtaposed with a painting of Christ, purportedly showing how the Spaniards eyebrows, nose and mouth are "exactly like" those of Christ.

    Myrna Garcia, and activist with the Support Network for Cult Victims who has worked with victims of the Defenders of Christ cult, said Gonzalez de Arriba "mixed bio-programming, Christian and New Age doctrines and fears about the end of the world ... to control followers, to keep them terrorized."

    "He made them believe he was Christ," said Garcia, whose group filed a complaint with Mexican authorities about the cult's abuses about one year ago. "Like Christ, they have to adore him, if not they will lose their souls ... they have to give their lives for him."

    "There were women who were forced into prostitution," Garcia noted. "It was a form of human trafficking that was extraordinarily effect from the criminal point of view," she said, because the women were terrified of being separated from the sect.

    How the cult managed to thrive in an area of Mexico that is tightly controlled by the violent Zetas drug cartel remains a mystery. However, there could be some link; Gonzalez de Arriba first set up shop in the northern city of Torreon, which also has a strong Zeta's influence.

    The immigration institute said in a press release that the Defenders of Christ was headed by Venezuelan citizen Jose Arenas Losanger Segovia, but according to Garcia and the cult's website, he was clearly a lieutenant of Gonzalez de Arriba.

    The Interior Department said the Defenders of Christ had not registered as a religious group, as required under Mexican law. Garcia said cells of the cult might still be active in Peru and Argentina.


  3. Mexican religious sect had children from 2008 mass disappearance, authorities say


    MEXICO CITY - Mexican authorities confirmed Tuesday that members of a tiny, mysterious evangelical sect had taken and kept about a dozen children who vanished from a Mexico City children's shelter in 2008.

    Prosecutors announced Tuesday that three more of the children had been found, bringing to 12 the number of kids located out of a total of 15 who went missing from the Casitas del Sur shelter.

    A federal official says the three newly found people showed up last week at prosecutors' offices in Puebla state, not far from Mexico City. They identified themselves as children taken from the shelter, though two are now adults.

    Like many of the other recovered children, they had been given in a sort of illegal adoption to church members. Many of the youths have expressed desires to see their real families, according to the official, who was not authorized to be quoted by name.

    The Attorney General's Office said members of the religious group known as The Restored Christian Church ran the shelter, and had given the children to members of the congregation to raise.

    The shelter, whose name translates as "Little Houses of the South" because it was located in southern Mexico City, was used by child welfare authorities to house children from broken families or whose parents were temporarily unable to care for them.

    By the time some relatives asked for their children back, they had disappeared. The shelter was raided by police in 2008 and dozens of children were removed from it, but some remained missing. The church has previously denied any involvement in the disappearances, but its leaders could not be located for comment on Tuesday.

    It wasn't until 2009 that prosecutors located the first of the missing children, who had been moved around various shelters run by the group in Mexico.

    Religion expert Bernardo Barranco said the sect took advantage of the Mexican government's lack of adequate shelters for at-risk youth by offering its services under the guise of a philanthropic effort.

    "The Casitas del Sur were just a facade for an ambitious indoctrination project ... to take children who were defenceless, trusting, blank slates, who would believe everything the sect told them," said Barranco.

    Barranco recalled that, at the time the shelter was finally raided, "The kids didn't want to come out, they didn't want to see the daylight or have contact with people, because the world was full of perversion, it was bad, they were afraid."

    While there have been several arrests in the case, there have been few convictions, and children's-rights activist and lawyer Margarita Griesbach — who for a time represented the family of one of the missing kids — said she fears not much has changed since the scandal broke out.

    "The authorities bear a lot of the responsibility for all of this" because they sometimes entrusted children to the groups without following proper legal procedure, and without having checked out the shelter enough, Griesbach said.

    "Today, the staffing and the procedures for the care of children in the government's temporary shelter continue to create conditions that make another Casitas del Sur case possible," said Griesbach.


  4. Sara working with Seeds of Hope in Este Rillos Costa Rica. Al in San Anronio.