1 Feb 2011

Hindu guru in Spain charged with exploitation and sex abuse used yoga classes to lure psychologically vulnerable people

The Olive Press - Granada, Spain January 6, 2010

Spain’s Hindu guru charged with sexual abuse

A HINDU sect leader is being prosecuted for abusing his followers for personal, financial and sexual gain.

Guru Antonio Javier R.P., 51, of the Vaidika Partisana Sangha community in Granada was charged with illicit associations and crimes against moral integrity.

At least 22 former disciples have come forward with accusations.

According to the prosecutor, the guru used yoga and massage classes to lure psychologically vulnerable people with ‘coercive persuasion techniques’.

Many sect members went on to become his sexual partners.

“He destroyed my life,” said a victim in his twenties who spent eight years in the sect.

“He kidnaps volunteers and his manipulation is so great that it is practically impossible to penetrate the conscience of a person who is inside,” he added.

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