20 Nov 2010

Irish TV exposes cults in Ireland, interviews survivor of abuse in Children of God, now The Family International

TV3 Ireland - January 20, 2010


Cults: How Safe Are Your Children?

Hosted by Colette Fitzpatrick, tonight’s shocking Midweek uncovers the terrible truth behind some of the cults operating here in Ireland. Colette will be talking to a cult escapee, Juliana Burhing, who reveals that she was born into an infamous global cult ‘The Children of God’ and spent a year at an Irish base in Limerick, which still exists to this day, operating under a different name ‘Family International’.

Juliana reveals how she suffered mental, physical and sexual abuse from the age of three at the hands of ‘The Children of God’ and tells of how she travelled extensively around Ireland with the cult, using face painting as a way of fundraising and presenting an acceptable public image for an undercover organisation.

The show also exposes recruitment techniques including ‘Flirty Fishing’ and discusses what to do if your children are targeted by a cult. [see videos below]

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