4 Jan 2011

Chicago grandmother charged with attempted murder for stabbing baby grandson she believed was the antichrist

Chicago Breaking News Center - September 17, 2010

Prosecutors: Woman thought infant she stabbed was 'antichrist'

by Art Barnum

An Elmhurst grandmother charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of her infant grandson told police she believed the child was the antichrist, prosecutors said at her bond hearing this morning.

Bond was set at $2 million for Sandra Clanton, 39. She has been confined to a hospital mental health ward over the last several days after trying to harm herself.

Assistant State's Attorney Michael Fisher told DuPage County Judge Liam Brennan Clanton was in her kitchen Saturday with her boyfriend, the child's mother and the 9-month-old infant "when she went into a rage."

"She picked up the baby, slammed its head into the sink and took a large butcher knife and began slicing the child under an eye in a sawing motion," Fisher said.

The infant's mother grabbed the child and ran to the police station while the boyfriend wrestled Clanton to the floor, he said.

Clanton told police at the Elmhurst station that the "baby was the antichrist."

Fisher said Clanton was taken to a mental health facility after "slamming her head several times into a table and attempting to cut her wrists with a bottle cap."

Fisher said the child suffered a "substantial wound" under his eye and bruising to his head, but a scan showed no other serious damage.

Clanton, who appeared at the hearing via video, appeared calm and answered Brennan's questions appropriately.

Brennan denied Fisher's request for a complete psychological exam until a public defender is assigned the case.

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