24 Nov 2008

Young girl murdered after being accused of witchcraft

Albuquerque News.Net
November 23, 2008

A 16-year-old girl has been beaten to death by villagers in a suburb of West Bengal in India.

The girl had been accused of practising witchcraft and entrancing the son of her former employer to marry her.

Police say the girl, Tulu Dolui, 16, was dragged out of her hut in Ghoramara village late at night by at least eight people, who then tied her to a tree and beat her with sticks for over three hours.

While police intervened to rescue the girl, she succumbed to her injuries on way to the local health centre.

She had sustained serious head, abdominal, chest and back injuries.

The villagers alleged that Dolui was a witch and had hypnotised the son of a rich grocer, who decided to marry her against his parents' wishes.

She was working in the home of the grocer as a maid servant until the grocer came to know of the relationship and sacked her.

No one has yet been arrested in the incident.

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