17 Mar 2009

Both Suspects In ‘Exorcism’ Child-Murder Case Indicted

Tyler Morning Telegraph - March 14, 2009

by By KENNETH DEAN | Telegraph Staff Writer

HENDERSON -- A couple who told authorities they were trying to rid a toddler of demonic possession when she died, have been indicted for her murder -- a murder that included the child being beaten with a hammer, slammed into stationary objects and finally strangled.

A Rusk County grand jury handed up the capital murder indictments this week against registered sex offender Blaine Keith Milam, 19, and Jessica Bain Carson, 18, the Dec. 2, death of the woman's 13-month-old daughter Amora Bain Carson.

Carson and Milam called 911 from a home at 13717 County Road 2125 shortly after 10:35 the morning of Dec. 2, and said the child was not breathing.

An arrest affidavit states Milam performed an exorcism of the demons purportedly possessing their child.

The affidavit continues to state after Milam killed the child with Carson looking on, the couple "drove to Henderson to pawn some items to pay for an exorcism."

Officials said Milam and Carson told detectives they decided to hire a priest after the exorcism went badly.

However, there has been no information of any clergy being called to the home found in the case.

Detectives said at the time Carson and Milam beat the child multiple times with a hammer then bit the child more than 30 times.

The indictments against the couple state the defendants also caused the child's death by striking her against objects and by strangulation.

Milam was supposed to be behind bars at the time of the homicide as part of a condition of probation for the second-degree felony criminal solicitation of a child, but a failure in the system allowed Milam to be freed months before he was to be released after he was sentenced by State District Judge Clay Gossett to 180 days in jail as part of the probation conditions.

Those conditions also prohibited him from being around children except his own biological children or siblings.

Officials in the case said Carson graduated as an honor student in 2007 and she seemed very intelligent and added she had not been in any trouble with police in the past.

Gossett also issued a new gag order in the case this week to keep any perspective witnesses from talking about the case and to keep the prosecution, the defense or any law officials from disclosing any information about case strengths and weaknesses, any evidence or any arguments that may be used in the case.

Both Milam and Carson remain jailed on $2 million bonds.

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Both Suspects In ‘Exorcism’ Child-Murder Case Indicted

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  1. Five people arrested in Nepal after death of boy in suspected human sacrifice

    Decomposed body of 10-year-old Jivan Kohar, who is believed to have been murdered, was found with his throat slit in Nawalparasi district

    Reuters in Kathmandu, July 26, 2015

    Five people have been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 10-year-old boy in southern Nepal in what reports said could have been a case of human sacrifice.

    Nal Prasad Upadhyaya, a police official, said the decomposed body of Jivan Kohar, who had been missing for three days, was recovered from a bush on Friday in Kudiya, a village in the Nawalparasi district, which borders India. The boy’s throat had been slit.

    The Kathmandu Post newspaper said the father of a man who was ill had confessed to the killing “to chase away the evil spirits” from his ailing son, after seeking advice from a village shaman.

    He is said to have lured the boy with the help of neighbours to an isolated place by offering biscuits and promising to pay him 50 US cents. He then performed a religious rite, killed the boy and dumped his body in a bush, media reports said.

    Upadhyaya said all five of those arrested will be charged with murder.

    More than 80% of Nepal’s 28 million people are Hindus. Many frequently sacrifice animals such as goats, buffaloes and roosters.


  2. Exorcism victim’s last moments

    By: Anelisa Kubheka - Daily News South Africa March 23, 2012

    Four women and a 15-year-old minor accused of the “satanic” murder of an uMlazi teenager, were all released from custody on Thursday after being granted bail at the uMlazi Magistrate’s Court.

    Sinethemba Dlamini, 15, was found dead by police on March 10 with her intestines lying next to her at her home in uMlazi.

    Fundiswa Faku, 29, Lindela Jalubane, 38, her daughter, Nokubonga Jalubane, 18, Nonhlanhla Mdletshe, 21, and the 15-year-old minor all pleaded not guilty.

    On Thursday, Magistrate Anesh Sukdeo granted each accused bail of R500 and released the minor into her father’s custody.

    He said the accused had satisfied the court by presenting it with exceptional circumstances to be granted bail.

    “In his evidence, the investigating officer said he was opposing bail because he feared for the safety of his witnesses,” said Sukdeo.

    The magistrate granted Faku and Lindela Jalubane bail on the basis that they were mothers and that the exceptional circumstances they had provided to the court had not been challenged by the State.

    “The court also takes into cognisance that applicant five (Mdletshe) volunteers at an NGO where she cares for people who are near death, free of charge.

    “The court is of the view that you should be granted bail because you are a good Samaritan to others,” he said.


    He granted Nokubonga Jalubane and the minor bail because they were school pupils.

    Giving evidence, the investigating officer, Warrant officer Alex Gumede, told the court that it was Faku who pulled Sinethemba’s intestines out.

    He said the accused had been praying for Sinethemba because they believed she had been possessed by demons and they wanted her to give them “the code” to rid her of the demons and she had infected Faku with the demons as well.

    “Applicant one (Faku) and the deceased both got undressed during the praying and they began touching each other’s privates until applicant two (Lindela Jalubane) got angry and told them to stop playing games, they must take out what they said they would take out,” he said.

    Gumede said Lindela Jalubane then began assaulting Faku.

    “At this time, Sinethemba got a chance to escape from the bedroom, the applicants chased her and brought her back to the room where they all assaulted her, saying that she didn’t want the demons out,” he said.

    He said the five were assaulting her with a mop and an ironing board. Faku then began holding Sinethemba down and because she was resisting, each applicant helped hold her down by her limbs.

    Gumede said Sinethemba had told Faku to stop and that she would take out whatever it was she was looking for herself, but Faku did not stop.

    “Faku sat on top of her, used both hands to pull her vagina and put her hand in and began pulling out her intestines. She pulled these out and tied knots in them till everything she was pulling was outside of the deceased’s body,” he said.

    When the applicants saw that Sinethemba was not moving, they had phoned the police.

    Gumede said his investigation would take about a month to complete because he still needed to take statements from witnesses and the post-mortem report still had to be obtained.

    The matter returns to court on April 25.


  3. Man weds daughter’s murder accused

    By: ANELISA KUBHEKA Daily News South Africa April 30, 2015

    Durban - A year after his teenage daughter died during a bizarre “exorcism”, a south Durban man has married a woman charged with her murder.

    Sinethemba Dlamini, 15, was found dead at her uMlazi J-section home in March last year. Her body had been disembowelled and her intestines were found lying next to her.

    Four of her relatives – Fundiswa Faku, 29, Lindelwa Jalubane, 38, and her 18-year-old daughter, Nokubonga, as well as a 15-year-old who cannot be named because she is a minor – were charged with the murder. They have pleaded not guilty and were released on R500 bail last year, while the minor was released into the care of her father.

    The accused claimed the teen had been possessed.

    A fifth accused, Nonhlanhla Mdletshe, 22, walked down the aisle with Sinethemba’s father, Ntsikelelo Faku, at a community hall in uMlazi’s Q-section on Saturday.

    Last year in court during the bail application, the investigating officer, Warrant officer Alex Gumede, said the accused had been praying for the teen because they believed she had been possessed by demons and they wanted her to give them “the code” to rid her of the demons.

    Gumede said the accused also believed Sinethemba had infected Faku with the demons. When contacted by the Daily News on Monday night, Faku, of Adams Mission, said he had “nothing to say”.

    Sinethemba’s grandmother, Nokulunga Dlamini, said the family were sad to learn that Faku had married one of the people accused of murdering his daughter.

    Dlamini said Sinethemba had lived with her in Chesterville before her father asked if she could live with him at the beginning of last year.

    Sinethemba moved from her granny’s house on January 7 last year and died two months later.

    “Sometimes I do think that if I had not allowed her to move, maybe she would still be alive today,” she said.

    Since the teen’s death, Dlamini said, she had had no contact with Faku.

    On Monday one of the accused, Nokubonga Jalubane, posted a message on her Facebook wall asking for spiritual guidance.

    Before this she had posted, “lord plz be wit me en my family

    ...”, followed in Zulu by a sentence that can be translated as: “We need you in this hard time. On Monday it was beautiful and we were happy and today our hearts have been hurt, Lord Jesus be with us, we trust you with our lives”.

    Zulu language newspaper, Isolezwe, on Monday published a report on Faku’s wedding.

    Nokubonga also posted pictures of her uncle’s wedding on her page.

    Nokubonga told the Daily News she was not sure whether her uncle was in the right emotional state to want to comment.

    The trial of the five accused is due to begin in the Durban High Court on June 3.


  4. Exorcism killers free until sentencing

    By: Bernadette Wolhuter Daily News South Africa November 9, 2015

    Durban - Friends and family of slain uMlazi teen Sinethemba Dlamini were up in arms on Friday when, after finding four women guilty of her murder, a Durban High Court judge said the killers could remain free until sentencing next month.

    “There is no justice,” a woman cried outside court.

    After discussion between the State and the defence, the women’s bail was fixed at R5 000 each.

    This was because one of the women was a primary caregiver, and to facilitate the compilation of pre-sentencing reports.

    Sentencing was set down for next month, to allow for sufficient time for these reports to be compiled.

    It was understood that the defence would consider calling for alternative sentences, such as correctional supervision.

    Fundiswa Faku, Lindelwa Jalubane, Nokubonga Jalubane and a minor, who could not be named, were stoic, and stared blankly ahead as Judge Philip Nkosi declared them guilty of murdering 15-year-old Sinethemba in her K-Section home in March 2012.

    The women were all related to Sinethemba.

    During his judgment, Nkosi went through evidence brought before the court that Faku had beaten Sinethemba with an ironing board, before pulling her legs apart – until there a was a “cracking sound” – and removing 8.8m of bowel, as well as her spleen, through her vagina.

    Both the Jalubanes and the unnamed minor apparently held Sinethemba down.

    The women believed she was possessed by demons and were trying to extract a “code” from within her body.

    But Nkosi said the women had no valid defence in law and that “aberration (could) not be permitted to take solace in the shadow of beliefs”.

    In evidence brought before the court, it was suggested that the “demon” which had possessed Sinethemba had shifted to Faku at some point during the “exorcism”.

    The judge did not consider demon possession a defence.

    The women said they thought Sinethemba would wake up after the “exorcism”.

    But, Nkosi said such a “bizarre” thought could not afford the women an excuse for their actions.

    “We can find no logical basis for such a belief,” he said.

    Disembowelling Sinethemba would bring certain death, he said.

    “Such a result would be certain to any person with a molecule of intelligence.”

    While Faku committed the act which ultimately led to Sinethemba’s death, the judge said the Jalubanes and the minor were endowed with the mental capacity to make or take on decisions and saw the extent of violence perpetrated by Faku before and during Sinethemba’s murder.

    “But they opted not to disassociate themselves from that conduct.

    “Instead, they participated in it by choice,” he said.

    Sinethemba’s grandmother, Nokulunga Agnes Dlamini, 55, wept throughout the delivery of Friday’s judgment.

    Speaking outside court, she said the trial had taken too long and was upset that sentencing had not been set down for a sooner date.

    “But I will be here until the end,” she said as she looked down at a school photograph of a smiling Sinethemba with sparkling eyes.