5 Jan 2011

NY legislator accepts admissions position at Family Foundation School which is under investigation for child abuse

Free-Press-Release.com September 4, 2010

Broome County Legislator Enrolls Children in Abusive Boarding School

Broome County (NY) Legislator Jason Garnar recently accepted an Admission Counselor job at an abusive upstate New York Boarding School which is under State and Federal investigation for Child Abuse

Recently, Jason Garnar, who is one of Broome County's legislators for many years now, accepted a position in the admissions department at The Family Foundation School. Garnar, who has worked at the therapeutic boarding school for over ten years, has yet to report or speak out against the abuse that has occurred at the facility over the past thirty years, according to a campaign against the school.

The Family Foundation School TRUTH Campaign is an alumni run, internet based campaign to expose what alumni have called institutionalized child abuse. Alumni have claimed that over the past thirty years The Family Foundation School, located in Hancock, New York, has abused children in their care through use of coercion, food and sleep deprivation, harassment, sexual humiliation, and physical abuse. The TRUTH Campaign is appalled that an elected official is working at the facility, let alone accepting a position in the admissions office.

One of the administrators of the anti-school campaign stated "Garnar allowing the abuse to go on undetected and unreported for so long is one thing, but now he is responsible for bringing kids into the facility to be abused during their stay...and he is an elected official!"

The School, which is under State and Federal investigation for abuse has not made any public statements about his position and the TRUTH Campaign suspects that many of Garnar's political supporters do not know about his new position or the school's history.

Garnar has not made any public statements about his new position where, by admitting kids into the facility, he will be putting children in harms way. If you went to the Family Foundation School or know someone who did, the campaign urges you to contact them through their main website www.TheFamilySchoolTRUTH.com

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