15 Jan 2011

Jerusalem police say ultra-Orthodox community knew confessed pedophile was abusing children but chose to protect him

Haaretz.com - Israel November 4, 2010

Suspected pedophile arrested in Jerusalem

Police believe man's ultra-Orthodox community urged him to relocate rather than report incidents.

By Nir Hasson

A 43-year-old Jerusalem resident confessed to an accusation of sodomy and indecent acts against three boys ages 6 to 8 as well as girls under 16 years old.

The police suspect that the ultra-Orthodox community in which the resident lived knew of the alleged incidents but chose not to report them to the police or authorities.

Instead, they urged the man to relocate to another neighborhood.

Prosecutors filed an indictment against the suspect, Binyamin Setz, in Jerusalem District Court yesterday.

Authorities allege that Setz offered the children sweets in order to lure them into his home, where he is suspected of performing the indecent acts.

Setz was arrested after the mother of one of the alleged victims, a 5-year-old boy, noticed that her son had sustained bite marks on his genitalia.

According to the indictment, Setz lured the boy into his home and engaged in violent sexual behavior.

After his arrest, other parents came forward with complaints to police that their children were also victimized.

A search of Setz's apartment revealed a photo album that included pictures of dozens of children who live in the neighborhood.

During questioning, Setz confessed to the allegations against him.

Setz is charged with two counts of sodomy and a series of indecent acts.

The state prosecutor's office has also requested that he remain in police custody until all legal proceedings have concluded.

Prosecutors believe he is a danger to the public and that he is liable to harm others if he is released.

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