24 Oct 2010

Newly released book of how a child brought down the Nation of Yahweh

TransWorldNews - April 6, 2009

True Inspirational story of one of the most notorious religious cults in modern American history - The Nation of Yahweh. The Man who called himself God. A Modern Day Jim Jones Story with a Wicked Twist

Sectarian Song: Cult Escapist

From its shocking opening sentences, Sectarian Song provides a terrifying first-hand look at life inside a cult, in this instance the infamous Nation of Yahweh. Michael Klein (not the author's real name) joined this offshoot of the Black Hebrew Israelites at the age of eleven, when his mother brought him and his three siblings with her into the group. For two years, until he left at the age of thirteen, Klein suffered abuse at the hands of the zealot cult members, targeted for being a child of mixed race. Even after he escaped, Klein suffered a psychological toll, bouncing between foster homes and psychiatrists, spending years of his life looking over his shoulder, haunted by fear.

Despite its grim, often violent early passages, Klein's tale becomes one of hope and faith, an uplifting lesson in the power of the human spirit.

Sample Chapter:

Born to a black, teenaged mother, and a white father, Michael Klein had a tough New York childhood. Nonetheless, he was a quiet, sensitive, and observant child, whose young mother's search for love and security brought a string of men usually unsuitable and occasionally abusive into her children's lives.

Klein's mother thought she'd finally found the acceptance she was looking for in the Temple of Love, run by an extreme offshoot of the Black Hebrew Israelites who called themselves the Nation of Yahweh. Led by Yahweh ben Yahweh, whom the Temple members believed to be the son of God, the group publicly preached a code of love, peace, and acceptance. What Klein found in their midst, however, was a horrifying existence of abuse and racism, sins committed in the name of God. His memories of the beatings he endured at the hands of the temple elders are searing and disturbing, yet they are eclipsed by the heartbreaking rejection of the boy by his own mother.

For two years, Klein endured the torments of cult life, finally escaping with his half-brother Brian. The boys were taken in by Brian's biological father, who saw their physical scars and immediately sought medical treatment. The exposure led to a police raid on the Temple and the beginning of what would be a long legal battle. Although Klein escaped the cult with his life, the psychological wounds he suffered haunted him for years; he bounced in and out of foster homes and psychiatrist's offices, and his eventual marriage was doomed by his traumatic experiences.

Eventually, Klein was able to gain control of his memories, coming to grips with his painful past in order to move forward and live a productive life. His is a story of great suffering relieved by time, faith, and hope.

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