31 Oct 2010

John Travolta Admits Son Jett Suffered From Autism

GlossLip.com - June 10, 2009

A still grieving (and rightfully so) John Travolta has been keeping a low profile these days, despite a major promotional push for his new film with Denzel Washington, Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3.

Travolta whose son Jett died January 2nd, while the family was vacationing in the Bahamas, has had a very rough time dealing with his son’s death, including taking a brief and solo hiatus to Tahiti a few weeks back simply to get away and grieve in private. No parent should ever have to suffer losing their child, and Jett who was only 16, was clearly very loved by his family.

In the wake of Jett’s death, there were many questions about the events which led to his untimely death, which is believed to have been caused by a massive seizure and possibly resulting injuries sustained during the attack. John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are very public members of the Church of Scientology and unfortunately Scientology frowns on medications which are often used to treat ailments which might result in seizures.

Some critics of Scientology believe Jett suffered from autism, which can be a debilitating disease which often affects one’s ability to express emotions and communicate. A tragic side effect to autism are increasingly violent seizures which must be carefully controlled with anti-seizure medication. While the Travolta family at times did treat Jett with these life-saving drugs, they were likely pressured to avoid giving them to their son due to a very strict anti-psychotic drug policy within Scientology — which by the way, does not recognize autism as a “real” condition.

Until this latest document, exposed by the National Enquirer, the Travolta family had denied Jett suffered from the disease, and instead had stuck with a story they created years ago, which stated Jett was suffering from Kawasaki’s Disease. Those in the medical community have refuted their claims that Jett’s symptoms could be caused by this rare childhood virus.

Here’s what the NE found (photo of document included:

The ENQUIRER has obtained John Travolta’s statement to police, which reveals for the first time, in his own words, how he bravely battled to save his dying 16-year-old son. Jett.

The document is a dramatic never-before-seen minute-by-minute account of the crisis, in which the star appears to have done everything he could to bring his son back to life.

In the three-page document signed by Travolta, the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 star acknowledges that his son was autistic.

The autism disclosure adds to the family’s previous claims that Jett suffered from Kawasaki disease, a rare illness that affects the blood vessels in young children. Travolta is a leading Scientologist, and Scientology doesn’t always agree with autism as a diagnosis.

Travolta divulged the details of Jett’s final minutes in an official interview with the Royal Bahamas Police at the Central Detective Unit in Nassau on Feb. 25.

None of this should surprise anyone who followed this story before and after Jett’s death, but it confirms a well-kept secret the Travolta family was likely pressured into keeping for all these years, quite likely from Scientology officials.

Or in other words, how can a high-profile celebrity Scientologist admit their child is suffering from a disease that doesn’t exist, and worse yet, how can they be allowed to effectively treat their child, when lower level members are told NO WAY to these live-saving drugs.

The Travolta’s are in a Catch-22 here, damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I also have a theory about some of what we are seeing happening to John. While this is only my theory, I feel pretty strongly about it.

There have long been reports about John Travolta being trapped in the cult because of secrets they may have relating to his sexual past which could, in theory, hurt his movie career. Because of Scientology’s firm hold on those in its grips, John has been forced to live a duplicitous life, including the treatment of his beloved son. I feel strongly that John is doing some MAJOR soul-searching and perhaps, dare I say, weighing his options.

If John left the cult, it might be a bit difficult at first, but he would likely find himself a real hero to the public, which is becoming increasingly aware of the abuses of Scientology. Sometimes losing a loved one, especially if you could have saved them, can cause a person to rethink their place in the world.

So John, if you are thinking of stepping off the bridge, but are afraid to, please don’t be. Whatever the CoS has on you is NOTHING compared to what they’ve done to you, and I can assure you the world outside will welcome you with open arms. Jason Beghe left, Nicole Kidman left and so can you. You and Jett are in our thoughts John.

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