11 Mar 2009

Chadiza preacher charged with indecent assault

Lusaka Times - Zambia March 10, 2009

Four girls on Friday lask week testified before a Chadiza Magistrate Court how a 52 year old man who used to teach them baptism classes allegedly took turns in sexually molesting them.

This is in a case in which Lyson Mvula, a brick layer of Kamwala Compound in Chadiza is charged with four counts of indecent assault on females contrary to section 137 of the penal code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Testifying before Magistrate Billy Milanzi last Friday, the girls said in December last year, Mvula was their baptism teacher and that after releasing the other children, he would tell the four of them to stay after class.

The girls, three of them aged 9 years and one aged 10 years all said that Mvula always locked the door of his house which he turned into a baptism classroom.

The girls alleged that while inside the house, Mvula used to force the young girls to fondle his manhood, after which he would take turns in having sex with them.

Mvula would then give the children some fritters and fruits and threaten them that if they ever revealed what he was doing to them, they would die mysteriously.

But when put on his defense, Mvula denied ever having taught any baptism class saying as the overseer of St. Peter grouping in the Catholic Church, he only taught baptism classes in 2007 when he failed to find volunteers to do so.

Evelyn Banda, mother of one of the children told the court that her daughter revealed what Mvula had been doing to them in February this year.

She said upon probing further, it was discovered that other girls had also been sexually abused and that the matter was reported to the police after attempts by Mvula to settle the matter without police involvement failed.

The prosecution led by Charles Sututu charged Mvula with indecent assault on the four children.

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