7 Mar 2009

Mennonite Church of God in Christ leaders knew of incest and did nothing

CBC News - British Columbia, Canada March 6, 2009

Man sentenced for sexually assaulting teen daughter

A man who pleaded guilty last year to sexually assaulting his daughter while she was a teenager was sentenced to jail Friday afternoon in Abbotsford, B.C.

Kenneth Duncalfe was handed a nine-month jail sentence, along with two years' probation, for his role in repeatedly molesting his daughter, Susan Duncalfe, 43, while she was between 14 and 22 years old.

He pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault and one count of indecent assault against his daughter last September.

At the time of Susan’s abuse, her entire family held memberships in the Mennonite Church of God in Christ in Abbotsford.

Susan said the church knew about the abuse, which took place in the 1970s and 1980s, but never took action to deal with it.

“My father was excommunicated from the church and then reaccepted a couple weeks later, and it was never talked about.”
Daughter left church

Susan left the church when she was in her early 20s and came forward with her allegations of abuse seven years ago.

Judge John Lenaghan blasted church leaders for inaction in his reasons for judgment Friday.

“They have known about the sexual abuse of this young woman for 18 years and did nothing about it,” Lenaghan said.

The judge also admonished Duncalfe for failing to show remorse towards his daughter.

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Mennonite abuse survivor speaks out against church


  1. I get so sad reading things like this! I was raised in the mennonite church and was sexually abused by several family members and was raped by an uncle, starting at the age of 4.

    To this day, I am blamed. I am told that I should've walked away. I've been threatened that if I tell, I will be shunned by my family.

    I've gotten no compassion from my family which has deeply wounded me Life has been a struggle. I've worked hard trying to get through it all but it's difficult since those who wounded me refuse to accept responsibility.

    I will keep Susan in my prayers.

  2. I think there is debris like this in almost every walk of life. One of the most hurtful things is when it occurs in a church that is supposed to be for our protection. Also, when a family member is involved our complete world of trust is turned upside down. It becomes a test...perhaps almost a lifetime of tests in trying to regain or establish confidence, become open, find a place of forgiveness, and so on. Been there with our son.

  3. I too was raised in the "church of God in Christ" and I was also sexually abused by an uncle when I was three. It was my fault. That is what I was made to believe. He was my elder and I was required by god to respect and obey him. The sad truth is that although that was fifty years ago, there are, even to this day deacons in the Holdeman church who rape young girls aged between three and twenty three in the name of their god. Just today I heard of one case. The deacon was expelled for a time. That is all. No criminal investigation ever took place because this church believes it is capable of dealing with such things itself. The criminal code says otherwise and charges must be laid against rapists and child molesters. That is the least we can do for the vulnerable people who fall victim to these monsters.


    1. Civil authorities must charge the leaders that know but don't contact police. If you have first hand knowledge, please contact the police and encourage them to investigate.

  4. Just another male dominated pseudo religious of pedophiles hiding behind the Bible and destroying the lives of young women. These churches are the last bastion of tyrannical male perversion that always seem to escape from the grasp of the law whilst the "Elders" look after things for themselves. The trauma experienced by the victims carries on for generations as does the loss of belief and confidence in the Criminal Justice system. This will only end when the elders are held criminally and financially responsible for the dereliction of duty and the church is sued for every penny it has. The code and conspiracy
    of silence, once it breaks, will have long line-ups of victims courageously coming forward to claim their lives and their souls back again.
    Parents sexually abusing their children are soul murderers and the penalty should fit the crime. As long as the Criminal Justice system remains hands-off the victims will remain silent
    and we are all accomplices in this heinous crime.


  5. Do not judge a group on one or 2 fellowships. every church out there has it's faults but I do not judge a group based on the down fall of one or 2 fellowships. There is a church of GOD in Christ mennonite church were I live and there some of the nicest people you would ever meet

  6. I am a member of the Church of God in Christ Mennonite, and I know several members of this Duncalfe family. I also have observed lately that there has been an increase in the awareness of abuse. Just like anywhere else, abuse was kept silent because it was shameful, lately there has been teaching on it and a warning that it will not be tolerated. And I'm so sorry for those who have been abused, I have prayed for them nearly every time I have thought of them.

  7. When I was in public school in a small town in the 70's, a teacher who was a leader of an Exclusive Brethren Mennonite sect targeted me and it has had a devastating effect on my life. This man should have lost his teachers license and I should have been able to get a restraining order against him. But, that did not happen. It was all about domination, control and destruction of family relationships. This is a cult, not with one or two abusive members, but a cult mentality and a cult belief system. They follow a version of the Bible that was altered in the 1800's by freemason John Darby Nelson and when you examine the sections of the Bible that he changed, it gives one a better understanding of the sense of entitlement these men have when it comes to women and children. The way they destroy families is diabolical.

    1. I'm a exmember of the EB's. John Nelson Darby was not a Freemason as far as I know. He was a Latin and Greek scholar who used Vatican texts for translation. His foot notes cover all the bases. EB's are similar to Mennonites but believe in infant babtism(as in the parents are doing it in faith). My brother moved his family to a locality that has a molester in there midist. If he ever touches my niece's....he will be in my cross hairs. What town are you from? Usually these people cross a line and are exposed.

  8. The one post above says "Do not judge a group on one or 2 fellowships. every church out there has it's faults but I do not judge a group based on the down fall of one or 2 fellowships. There is a church of GOD in Christ mennonite church were I live and there some of the nicest people you would ever meet"

    I was raised in this so called church.... I can say that I will not judge the individual people as the Bible says that God is the only one to judge another person. However I will say that I will judge the group. This is not just 1 or 2. This is a group as a whole that covers up the abuse and allows it to continue. The group is very good at putting on a front and making everyone think they are such wonderful people, but until you have first hand experience to the horrors that go on, you will never know their true way of life.

    I know this first hand and I know that it continues to go on. As long as the pedophiles; as well as the leaders; that continue to cover up and condone this behavior are not held accountable; it will continue. The leaders and the cult as a whole are just as much at fault as each individual who commits the heinous crimes against the most innocent victims; our children.

    The only comfort in all of this is knowing that although they hide it as well as cover up the abuse; from the legal em; they can not hide it from God.

  9. Do not judge a group on one or 2 fellowships.
    Who ever you are that posted the above comment must not really know or are hiding what you know about the H mennonites. The number of abused kids are more than you can count, sexual, physical emotional and spiritual. Im a surviver as well. Yes there are some real "nice" people in there. My question is: What are these "so nice" people doing to protect, defend and love the victims? They show their love by expelling us and shunning us. WOW how great a love! -And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.- READ YOUR BIBLES!

  10. I know this mennonite crap all too well, I'm a male and rape and sodomy, sexual abuse, mental abuse, occured to me from mennonite family members over years of my youth.
    always told that i could never do anything and who will believe me, and it my fault etc.
    My mother's uncle molested and raped me, her cousin's both male and female partook in varying actions as well.
    It took a long time, years, slowly, precisely, for me to get all recorded evidence of them taunting me, fully admitting their actions, to begin proscecution on them, however finally things are in place to do so.
    even have the 911 calls i made and police response to the uncle's residence with my voice on them, yelling for help, the police were wooed by my mother's uncle to leave.
    and me still inside the house.
    one of the cousin's is a pastor now and his wife, both of whom partook in sexual molestation of me.
    he's a pastor at abbotsford christian assembly now, and ironically the children's minister..... hmmm perfect place for a partaker child molester to hide in cloak and veil, and more-over this this god of their's,....funny.
    easy enough for anyone to look up whom he and wife are.
    I'm not going to add more, as the matter's are going to prosecution against 5 remaining of that family, where justice, not just-us as the
    mennonites believe and think, will be served.

    so- there is hope for people to come forward, and expose their tormentors, anyone else out there, its not your fault, be strong, and stand up, no matter whom they are....

    1. my wife was an ex holeman in Rosenort who claimed to be abused as a child for as long as she can remember she recently left me and returned to her family with our two month old Baby i am afraid for the safety of my child after seing a link thag i could not open on holeman child sacrifices

  11. I am a Holdeman Mennonite and I too experienced years of abuse as a child. It was reported to the authorities and handled very well. The man went to jail and I felt such loving support among my Church people. No one ever expressed disbelief about what happened. We report these things. It maybe didn't used to be that way but by the late 80s, same as other denominations and people, these things have not been kept hidden. Perhaps that is why I am able to have a happy home now with little repercussions of the past. It's open and forgiven and I'm able to move on. I agree with the person who said not to judge a whole group by one or two offenders. As parents we teach our children how very wrong such things are and they are not ignorant of the results of such behaviour.
    I'm so sorry for you who speak of bad experiences. I can only testify that a loving God and a loving Church helped me in my darkest hours when I was pulled out of my childhood home.

  12. Good for you on post above they were caught . Was the opposite for me.still suffering from much forced oral sex from the seventies.the holdys are covering again.i was 11-12.

  13. I am xholdeman still suffering from the seventies.am shuned by elders and family .i exposed ig and found out the perptrsto has other victims. Leaders of holdys said there was a lot of this crime pushed under rug to proud to admit it i think it still needs to be dealt with . The elders told me to keep it quiet i dont understand lost all my confidence in this holdeman group .Help me if you can . I was forced to have oral at11-12 with a 19 yeAr old multiple times staff said it was boys playind . Preacher delbert enns said it was ok cause i was to young obviously he is washed up teting to cover up whats new.

  14. Who are u all to judge? Leave them alone and respect other ppl....

    1. Seems like you are the judge of the people you claim are judging. The victims of chsa whose lives were ruin by this horrible crime are trying to get help and are rejected by their own people??? . Doesnt justice need to be done to a crime?

  15. I'm a holdeman Mennonite and I just luv it.. I just got reaccepted and the group means a lot to me.. I luv God and believe it's where I'm supposed to be..