8 Apr 2011

Finnish Lutheran sect leaders say up to 100 incidents of child sex abuse by members but gives no details

Winnipeg Free Press - April 7, 2011

Christian sect in Finland says members involved in dozens of suspected pedophilia cases

By: The Associated Press

HELSINKI - A Finnish Christian sect says its members are suspected of being involved in dozens of pedophilia cases since the 1980s.

The Conservative Laestadian Congregations group says there have been up to 100 suspected incidents, some of which were "very serious." Thirty cases have ended in court and several are being investigated by police.

Laestadian leaders on Thursday condemned the incidents saying that "even one case of child abuse is too many." They gave no details on the incidents.

The Lutheran revival movement, dating to the 19th century, uses the Christian Bible as a basis of its doctrine. It has 35,000 members, in a country where more than 80 per cent of the 5.3 million population belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

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    "Conservative Laestadians admit serious mistakes in dealing with child abuse issue – trust is gone in SRK"

    SRK Laestadians are Conservative Laestsadian revival movement and a biggest movement in the Evangelic Lutheran Church in Finland with about 80 000 members (over 50 000 of them are under 18 years). More information and sources available in this article.