17 Sep 2008

"The Spanking Room – A Child's Eye View of the Jehovah's Witnesses"

Christian News Wire - September 16, 2008

A Former Member Testifies to the Dangers and Dysfunctions of the Jehovah's Witnesses

ENUMCLAW, Washington

According to the Jehovah's Witness membership statistics, active Watchtower congregants numbers around 7,000,000. Every year, close to 300,000 new members are baptized into the faith, and over 101,000 organized congregations operate under the direction of a central governing administration located in New York.

Raised in one such congregation, author William Coburn remembers his childhood years and the impact the Jehovah's Witness made on his life.

"When our church building, Kingdom Hall, was renovated, a 'Spanking Room' was added as an extra convenience for mothers. My mother kicked me, punched me, threw a vacuum cleaner at me and even knocked me out on more than one occasion."

"The Spanking Room – A Child's Eye View of the Jehovah's Witnesses" explores the inner-workings of the Kingdom Hall and chronicles a first-hand account of the physical, mental and emotional abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses. It explores how Watchtower doctrine encourages violence against its most helpless members—the children.

A former Jehovah's Witness, Coburn spent over thirteen years of his childhood and adolescence observing the consistency of dysfunction and abuse taught by the Watchtower Society.

Today, Coburn works as executive recruiter with a list of clients that includes the Pentagon. He is an accomplished public speaker and has given seminars, classes, and workshops on subjects ranging from drug awareness counseling to close-combat survival at West Point Military Academy. A Christian, husband, and father, Coburn credits his happiness and survival to God's mercy and grace.

"I'm successful. I'm happy. I have love and faith and hope in my life . . . I turned out fine. But I did not turn out this way "because" of the Watchtower Society; I turned out this way in spite of it."

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