11 Sep 2008

Danish evangelical Christian cult accused of abusing children

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August 27, 2008

Our Father's House

by Bent Lorentzen
Newspaper headline translation: Keeps Children Like Slaves: The Cult Behind the Youth House Brainwashes its members

Last year I wrote a couple of articles that revealed the reasons for the Copenhagen youth protests that grew into riots for a week in March, 2007. In those articles, as well as describing Faderhuset (translated: Our Father's House) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faderhuset as a potentially dangerous cult, I described the history to the house on 69 Jagtvej (Hunter's Road) in the Nørrebro district of the city. The now-demolished 4-story building once housed the office of one of Denmark's most influential workers union at the turn of the 19th century. It was also the site where the International Woman's Day was first launched for the world just prior to WW I.
http://media-files.gather.com/images/d670/d964/d744/d224/d96/f3/full.jpg blog image of Ruth Evensen with Copenhagen mayor, Ritt Bjerregaard, with demolished Youthhouse in background

In an odd unwinding of history, the woman who leveraged the house away from its residents decades after it had been given to a youth group by a former mayor of Copenhagen, Christian Evangelical cult leader, Ruth Evensen, is coming under fire from her own daughter. In an interview on national Danish TV today (TV-2: August 27, 2008) her daughter, Sophie, suggests that police now ought to investigate her mother's Fadershuset cult for perhaps planning a mass suicide, or at least that its children are being seriously abused. In the surprise interview, where she has just returned to Denmark from her American home with her husband, Sophie stated that she saw the very same tattletale turning brother on sister type of torture being implemented in the American evangelical Christian church as with the Danish one she grew up under as the daughter to its cult's leader. “Whatever mom says has to be taken as the word of God,” stated Sophie. “No one but no one must argue with her... I'm really worried about a mass suicide... because suffering into death like the tortured saints is hammered into everyone there."

It was worse than just tattletaling on one another, if for example one parent's child had worn clothing not prescribed by my Mom, stated Sophie in Danish. It was where if a little baby that didn't behave the way some would want, the infant was subjected to horrific screaming, “so as to drive away Satan.”

http://media-files.gather.com/images/d714/d964/d744/d224/d96/f3/full.jpgSophie Evensen, with husband Edwin Ogenio

In recent months, according to Danish investigative media, the evangelical Christian cult – which gets its home-schooling material from the anti-natural sciences, Tennessee-based ACE, Accelerated Christian Education - has withdrawn all its children from all previous involvements with public schools and child care. “That is how the church controls people; by isolating the children,” stated Sophie, who just published the autobiography, Afsløring (Revelation).

“I'm not out to get my mom,” stated Sophie to one of Denmark's most read dailies, Jyllands-Posten. I believe that this is a dangerous cult which leaves many damaged people in its wake.”

This is potentially a hot potato for Copenhagen mayor, Ritt Bjerregaard, who okayed the sale of the property last year, to the cult, which then resulted in the youth riots. At first, Ruth Evensen stated that Faderhuset would create a place on the property that would contribute to the community, but once the protests died down, she immediately tried selling the property. As of now, the value of the property has fallen sharply, Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard has given the youth another clubhouse, and all but a handful of the hundreds of protesters arrested last year have been given monetary compensation by the State's Attorney for false arrest by the police.

Sophie is married to Edwin Ogenio, who himself does not come without controversy. He has been accused of playing a central role in a cult in the Netherlands, called God's Pleasure, while also being lead singer to a heavy metal group. Edwin has been rumored by several sources to have been involved in that cult's sexual abuse of minor girls, and that when he left the Utrecht, Netherlands cult to America when his power abuse and extortions were challenged, his rooms were filled with pornographic material. In the past several years, Edwin Ogenio has stated that he has an apostolic prophetic calling, mostly among New York City's fashion and designer World. Though the book suggests that he and Sophie have travelled extensively across the US, some sources suggest that they keep reinventing themselves on the heels of some rumor, for example, in San Diego.

Edwin rebuts these rumors with: "I would love to set the record straight when it comes to allegations directed to my person posted by some of you. About 17 years ago God called me to start a ministry among young people in Holland. The name we gave it was God’s Pleasure...
...During this process I acknowledge that I and my staff have made mistakes, partially also due to our inexperience and lack of wisdom in how to administrate and balance the right care and help for so many diverse people and therefore have hurt some of them. At that time a great majority of the Dutch religious Christian establishment didn’t particularly approve of the way we were reaching out with the Gospel using tools like heavy metal music and radical preaching. In 1994 God called me to go to Houston, Texas and I told my staff at the time that I wanted to resign. They felt it wasn’t the time. But after all I believe it was me sinning against God by not obeying his call to resign and leave for the US. Right after two girls came to the ministry and wanted to be admitted to the girls-houses. I didn’t have peace about that but was weak enough to be persuaded...
...The mother of one of these girls started a big media persecution against me and we suffered greatly for that. Later we found out that this lady was well known among Christian leaders and was clearly controlled by the Jezebel spirit, also persecuting several other churches. Taking these girls in also ultimately led to my wife at that time falling in sexual sin with one of the girls... It was obvious that the Devil was doing whatever he could to discredit and destroy me...."
(well, Edwin Ogenio's justifications keep piling -BL)

It is not an unusual phenomenon for the children of cults to themselves take the cultish mentality they despised, go against it, only to reinvent them for themselves so as to give meaning to their world view. But even if this is the case with the daughter and her husband, that does not change the fact that Faderhuset and its USA evangelical ties need now to be seriously looked at by the police and social services. Ruth Evensen has frequently stated that she has been grateful for the American evangelical movement's influence in Denmark. Last year, the cult's charismatic leader founded the Freedom political Party, with making abortions illegal as its central platform.

Psychothrapy, often with peer who themselves have been in the same boat, can lead a full life without the intensely religious, controlling guilts that often accompany such childhood experiences.

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Claims of torture against Faderhuset sect in Denmark


  1. As one of the former God's Pleasure members I'm not surprised Edwin Ogenio is dragging another young girl into the spotlights to air his own BS. His wife Sophia was visiting Holland many times during the GP days as a disturbed child who needed help. Ogenio was more than willing to provide that help and it all resulted in his divorce. Ogenio claims the mariagge failure to his former wife while he had his bliss with seducing young girls like Sophia. This guy was and still is possesed by power and lust. He wasn't called by the lord to go the US but he just fled leaving more than 200 people ruined. Spiritual and financial. In his quest to hide the trail of his own sins he will hit on others. In this case Sophia's mother. Accusing this Danish cult is more than convenient for Ogenio. The perfect decoy to right his own wrongs. It's a shame he is using his wife for this. I'm sure she really doesn't care what's going on in her homeland. Ogenio ripped her away from her family and former husband and it seems that she was ok with that. I even feel sorry for her. See for yourself, but everytime Ogenio's name pops up he's defending his own BS. Writing books about broken mariagges while he's divorced several times himself. Preaching about emotional and physical abuse while leaving a destructive trail of it in many young lives. The guy is slick and a smooth talker. Always in search of anyone new to defend himself. I'm sure there will be here any soon. All I can say is; 'The truth will set you free'.

  2. Iam totally agree with that comment. Edwin Ogenio, is a beast. He use the bible to tight people to himself. So they leave all the friends and Family. How can you preach the words of God. With such a history of destroying lives.
    Iam myself not religious but i have totally hate against this person. One of my family members was in his cult for more then 6 years. And still that person is in Phycologic Therapy. Many more have really problems to look back to that period. I really hope for Mr. Ogenio that we will never see each other again.

  3. I'm the Danish freelance journalist (one time newspaper editor in Washington DC area) / anthropologist who wrote the above article while connected to Gather.com Am no longer there due to a new policy by Gather corp to only allow US residents to contribute to their newsfeed. But I wanted to let those interested that I am updating the above article due to events that coincidentally unfolded this week, and actually am incorporating it and new information into a video documentary that soon will be on one of my Youtube accounts as well as in a blog, where the above article will be significant in one of the sections.

    I'll come back here when the work is done and offer the links.

    1. It will be a video at youtube, which I'm in the final stages of editing, to be later integrated into a blog.

  4. Here is the first video-documentary which I promised:

  5. Just want to mention that the video I just shared is not specifically about Faderhuset cult, but about how entangled things got, when the cult then destroyed a historical house (including where Women's Suffrage and issues of women's rights began) that disenfranchised youth had been using for a long time, leading to a riot.

    US artist, Frank Shepard Fairey (famous for the Obama icon), came to the site in August, 2011, after he learned that the cult had destroyed it and dashed the hearts of many people, and painted a mural of transformation and peace.

  6. Was a part of Edwin's Ministry in Houston and in San Diego when it was called The Original God Ministries. I guess his name is now Edwin Christiaan....lol. This guy is one of the most psychopathic liars I have ever came across. He dumped his former wife Victoria and his son Fechia and ran off with Sophia. I just have to laugh that they give marriage counseling. You could not make this stuff up? He has left a trail of damaged people and lies through out the US and obviously Europe as well. The day is coming Edwin, when you reap what you sow and your not going to like your harvest. This guy is as slick as Ted Bundy so don't fall for it. Although when your under the spell people could lay out the evidence of him being a fraud and you still wouldn't believe it. Love to hear more stories from his victims.

  7. Wow, you just hit the nail on the head with the May 19th post. Does anyone know exactly how many times they each have been married and how many children from past marriages. Ministering on marriage when you have been the cause of a failed marriage and wont surrender is a joke.

  8. Well I myself can not speak on the prior matters but I did meet Victoria and she was a nice person generally speaking but I don't know much past that but what I do know is that Edwin is a fraud who has NO WORD and will be a coward and not accept phone calls or texts.. shame on you Edwin!

    P.S. he called once and wanted to control most of the conversation and tried to give me the CALM VOICE of reason..and telling me over and over how much "HE LOVED ME" so much that I text him a few more times and still no answer, Oh but his excuse is that he is in NYC in the middle of "no-where" no signal LOL! sure.........

  9. So you were part of his ministry in Houston and San Diego? So was I. I won't ask your name but would you be willing to give me the first letter?

  10. I am an investigative reporter of Danish Press since 1985. I am also baptized by my father a Pentecostal Pastor when I was 8. So I feel very equipped in both spirit and education to investigate and being aware in my spirit.

    Jesus did not come to bring peace. So I am aware that opposition by dark forces will rise if they are threatened.
    I have personally decided not to go along with any rumours or cyber/media intermediations.

    But to get search for the facts in my spirit and by myself as a national well accredited Journalist for 28 years. I have visited the families and 80 people and have been able to operate freely and ask anything anywhere to anybody and spent private talking and playtime with the kids.

    After 1000 KM driving and 9 days visit - I tell you - check it out yourself your are dealing with Christians who are not talking the word only at sundays but lives by the word every day in sharing and caring.

    SO 80 highly educated people with their free will are creating a total and unique society based on the word of the Bible, The Holy Spirit and common concern and love.

    Could that piss somebody else total off - yes it could.

    Show me just ONE JURIDICAL CONVICTION - not opinons - not mother -daughter disagreements - the buy of a pre-occupied house by youngsters who just took the house without any legal rights and hence destroyed streets creating riots spoiling private properties in their hatred of being kicked away from their free- ride subculture occupation of a private property.

    It is not an easy ride being stigmatized as a member of the www.faderhuset.dk congregation, I honour the fight and spirit in every soul, who dares to stand up for their believes in Christ The Lord as Their Savior. .

    This is not a Sunday Sermon Calling - but being under a daily attack as a Christian. Check the matter - check the facts - NOT headlines.

    1. a comment to anonymous on 11 november 2013:
      I guess after seeing the adultery rising in Faderhuset group, you would hesitate to maintain that the Bible is their standard? Ecample the 'pastor' herself divorcing and 'marrying' another man, with whom she is at present still living in adultery.

  11. mmm... smells like.... EDWIN defending himself.. LOL!

  12. Would love to hear more stories. My post was above May 19th 2013. Lets continue to expose the truth.

  13. To Anonymous 26 May 2014, read this,


    The fact that Edwin (Christiaan) calls himself an prophet explains everything.

    I feel coneccted to you all victims in the US. I attended GP from almost the beginning when they started, thru to the end of GP. I have to say that dispite Edwin himself has a NDP, i had the best time in my life being part of GP. I learned a lot, i grew in understanding Gods and His word and mercy. I also have good memories about the fellowship we had in GP, the talented brothers and sisters in music. I was one of GP's soundmen, wich i enjoyed very much doing. I have to say that i was completly oblivious about all of what he was accused from. Later, after i spook to many ex-members and did research on the internet i saw this pattern in Edwin that is called NPD.

    Quote from Wikipedia:
    Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process.

    I feel sorry for Edwin that he suffers from this Disorder, and that he's "unable to see the destructive damage that he's causing to himself and others" as stated above. So, i bless him in knownledge that God is a mercyful God.

    I hope that you everybody who is effected by Edwin, God will heal and restore. I only can say: God can heal the wounds, but you will always left with the scars. Thats Ok, because also Jesus sufferred for us and left with the scars and He still blesses and forgive us. So, i decided a long time ago already to forgive and bless Edwin, whatever it may take to do so. It was and still is the first step for healing and letting go the anger and humiliation.

    God be mercyful to us all.

    Greetz and Blessings, Dani T, ex-member Gods Pleasure, The Netherlands

  14. I do think we need to stick together and continue to share our stories. This guy is absolutely evil and it can be very tough accepting that you fell for his BS. I moved to another state to help his ministry and always knew something was wrong but would second guess myself and justify what I thought was a little off.

    Anyone else know him in Houston or San Diego????

  15. I lived wih the guy for 2 som years. It was ridiculous. I was trying to find Sophies ex.

  16. Sophies ex is not so hard to find. It's harder to find Sophie and make her wake up. it's time to care of your daughter in Norway!

  17. I met Edwin and Victoria in San Diego at Abiding Place. I invited them to visit and suprisingly they came to."see me in a very short period of time. The Lord began to speak to me one morning about an old restaurant next to my hotel about being a "house of prayer." I did not know what that meant. As soon as Edwin and Victoria's feet hit the ground they too begin to prophesy that location would become a house of prayer. I knew it was the Lord's voice. After having a brief connection with the two as a married couple, ten years later I saw Edwin in Houston and loved him. I was so saddened to hear that Victoria and their Son where no longer in Edwin's life. Edwin told me that Vicoria had committed adultery so he implied the divorce was Biblical. I was introdued to Sophia and I did not approve or accept her, but she was so sweet I began to love her too. Later when I confronted the sin of adultery, Edwin called me a wicked woman and blocked me from all contact. I still love Edwin, Sophia and Victoria and my heart hurts for Fechai.

  18. I knew Edwin from his time at the Original God church in Houston. I was there a while but left before it broke up completely. I hate to say but I ran across bad news about Fechai. Here is the link.> https://kwhi.com/brenham-man-charged-with-assaulting-fiancee/ I don't know any more details.