8 Jun 2011

Irish priest who was known pedophile but transferred to California extradited to Ireland to face criminal charges

Press Democrat   -  California    June 6, 2011

Former Irish priest accused of molesting boys extradicted to Ireland


A former Irish priest accused of molesting four men in Humboldt County in the 1980s has been extradited to Ireland, where he faces criminal charges for sexual misconduct, authorities said.

Patrick Joseph McCabe, 75, was turned over to Irish national police officers Sunday night at San Francisco International Airport, the U.S. Marshals Service said Monday.

McCabe, who was arrested in August, had been jailed since then in Alameda County pending extradition to his homeland.

Following McCabe's apprehension, Greg Horne, 38, of Arcata and three unidentified men filed civil lawsuits last year alleging fraud and negligence by the Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese.

The suits contend that the diocese was at fault for assigning McCabe to St. Bernard Parish in Eureka from 1983 to 1985, when he allegedly molested the four men.

A report by the Dublin Archdiocese said that McCabe had been transferred to Santa Rosa months after he had been designated as a pedophile and placed on a drug to curb his sexual impulses at a church treatment facility in New Mexico.

Lawyers for the Santa Rosa diocese have said there is no evidence of misconduct in McCabe's file and no evidence that former Bishop Mark Hurley, who is deceased, was aware of the priest's history.

The lawsuits were dismissed this year by lawyers for the alleged victims, who said they intend to refile the claims naming the Santa Rosa and Dublin branches of the church, as well as the Catholic congregation that ran the clinic where McCabe was treated.

Attorney Jeff Anderson of Minnesota said the new case will be filed this month, including evidence he obtained on a trip to Ireland in April.

McCabe's extradition does not affect the civil case, he said.

“We're just grateful that he's off the streets and headed to the place where they are going to try him,” Anderson said.

McCabe, who was removed from the clergy in 1988, faces prosecution in Ireland for alleged sexual assaults on six boys in Dublin between 1973 and 1981.

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  1. 1 church diocese sues another over accused priest

    By Associated Press, March 27, 2014

    NEW ULM, Minn. — In a rare legal move, a Roman Catholic diocese in Minnesota is suing a diocese in Ireland, alleging it transferred a priest to Minnesota without warning that the man had been accused of sexual abuse.

    A report by Minnesota Public Radio News and KARE-TV said the Diocese of New Ulm filed the lawsuit in February against the Diocese of Clogher in Ireland and the Servants of the Paraclete religious order.

    In it, the New Ulm Diocese claims it never would have accepted the Rev. Francis Xavier Markey in 1981 if it had been told about the allegations against him.

    Markey was ordained in Ireland in 1952, and documents in several court cases show he was accused of sexually abusing boys as early as the 1960s. The documents also show he had gone to treatment before coming to the U.S., and also received treatment at a Paraclete facility in New Mexico.

    The New Ulm Diocese said Markey arrived in Willmar in December 1981 and did some temporary parish work. He left the diocese seven months later.

    The New Ulm Diocese’s lawsuit stems from a claim filed last year by a man who says Markey groped him and his two brothers at their family home in 1982, when Markey was filling in at rural churches in Henderson and Jessenland.

    Markey died in 2012 while awaiting trial on child rape charges in Ireland.

    An attorney for the religious order told MPR and KARE-TV that he had no knowledge of the latest lawsuit. The Diocese of Clogher didn’t return an email seeking comment from The Associated Press.

    But in court documents filed in another Markey case, the Diocese of Clogher said it did not assign Markey to work in Minnesota on its behalf, and it has no record of approving Markey to transfer to any program in Minnesota.

    It is one of just a few cases in which Catholic officials have taken court action against others in the church.

    In 2003, the Diocese of San Bernardino in California sued the Diocese of Boston for damages after church officials in Boston failed to disclose a priest’s history of sexual abuse. The lawsuit, believed to be the first time one diocese has sued another, was later dropped.

    Legal experts and those who have followed the issue of clergy abuse say the New Ulm Diocese may be looking for others to share the blame, as well others to share the cost if the diocese is found liable.

    “This is just something that they’re doing to keep the microscope off them because if the microscope focuses it’s going to see what they did,” said Pat Noaker, who represents the man accusing Markey of abuse.