6 Jan 2009

Shock, Relief In Masaka As Pastor Delivers ‘Demon-Possessed’ Kids

Leadership - Nigeria January 5, 2009

by Comfort Onche

Residents of Masaka in Nasarawa State heaved a sigh of relief recently as they were delivered from the activities of demon-possessed children by pastor Bawa J Madaki of Eternity Church Masaka.

In recent times, Masaka and Nyanya-Gwandara both in Karu local government area of Nasarawa State, have allegedly been invaded by demon-possessed children who are said to have been tormenting the residents.

It was gathered that when the situation became alarming, the founder of Eternity Independent Baptist Church, Masaka, was approached by some residents and he promised to come to their rescue. The pastor had reportedly been delivering children said to have been initiated into secret cults.

Some of the residents and parents interviewed by LEADERSHIP expressed joy over the development.

One of them, Mr. Tanko, a native of Kanfanchan, Kaduna State, based in Masaka, said his daughter Margaret was initiated into a secret cult without his knowing.

He said: " I thank the Lord so much for bringing this man of God to Masaka. My daughter, Margaret, was initiated into secret cult by a lady in Masaka market where she was selling sugar cane without my knowledge". Since her initiation, things have been very rough for us; no peace in my house. Margaret, according to her confession, caused me to lose my job. She tied her mother's pregnancy, causing her several sicknesses which doctors could not heal.

After her deliverance by Pastor Madaki, Margaret was said to have confessed that she was a great person in the spirit realm. Her name was "Queen Shiayet" given to her by the master of the cult. She said she had killed so many people by causing accidents on the road".

Another resident of Nyanya-Gwandara, Papa Hawadu, whose grandson was initiated into a secret cult, said the mother of the boy had been sick for a very long time, and had been moving from one hospital to another without success.

At last, she died. "After the death of his mother, the same boy started with me, inflicting me with various sickness. But thank God when we heard of Pastor Madaki, we rushed to his church at Masaka, where the boy (Besel by name) confessed all his activities: How he made his mother become emaciated like a HIV patient by sucking her blood. Thank God, he has been delivered at last".

Masaka have heaved a sigh if relief and there are plans to continue bringing in such men of God in the future.

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