13 Nov 2008

Parents say clergy sex abuse drove son to suicide

1150Am WDEL News

By Peter Mac Arthur

The latest lawsuit facing the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington comes from parents who say a priest sexually abused their son, prompting him to commit suicide.

William and Othell Heaney claim Reverand Edward Dudzinski began abusing 10 year old Kevin Heaney in 1978 when the victim was in Dudzinski's religion class at St Mary Magdalen elementary. They say the abuse lasted for three years and changed his personality. The Heaney's say their son got into drugs and tried to commit suicide numerous times before finally shooting himself in 1987 and dying two days later.

Dudzinski moved to Virginia in 1985. He became a counselor until his license was suspended in 2003 following reports he was sleeping in the same bed with kids he was counselling.

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