27 Oct 2008

Scientology - Child Abuse and Labour Pt.2 [video]

From the website AnonTube

ATTENTION! There are many anti-Scientology videos being flagged fraudulently for copyright violations by the American Rights Counsel LLC. Upon searching for this company, it has been revealed that it doesn't exist. This is once again a form of Internet censorship and an example that Youtube is willing to buckle under the pressure of Scientology's bullying. Even personal videos users have made themselves have been removed, citing copyright violation. One begs to question also, why an American company has a right to call the shots over international content. The original video this is mirrored from was one of the videos that has been targetted by the American Rights Counsel LLC. This is a massive expose on the child abuses employed by the Church of Scientology. I ASK ALL OF THIS FROM YOU! Mirror this video EVERYWHERE! Show the cult of Scientology just what a massive mistake they've made! Original air date: July 7th, 2008 Reporter: Bryan Seymour

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