7 Aug 2008

Scientology Cult Front Group Holds Recruiting Event for NYC Children

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center
August 6, 2008

by Dr. Lilly von Marcab

A new Scientology cult press release describes its efforts to recruit New York City schoolchildren by means of a seemingly benign front group.

The front group, called "Drug Free Marshals," claims to "mobilize schoolchildren to combat drug abuse." In reality, the program, with seemingly altruistic goals, is one of several dozen used by the cult as a means to make money, obtain a "religious" reputation, and recruit new Scientologists. Children are given copies of Scientology pamphlets such as "The Way to Happiness," and are made familiar with the cult's imagery and elaborate, fascistic pageantry.

The press release, one of dozens released by the cult each month, describes a group of the victimized children being "honored" at a ceremony in Scientology's New York offices. Interestingly, while the press release is predictably filled with glowing words from Scientologists, there are no such quotations from community leaders, or from legitimate anti-drug organizations.

The use of children in this public relations effort is the more ironic in view of Scientology's institutionalized child abuse and neglect.

According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, the front group solicits endorsements from politicians, police and community leaders. If these people subsequently learn that "Drug Free Marshals" is a Scientology spin-off, they often feel as though they had been tricked. Palo Alto Mayor Dick Rosenbaum felt ambushed: "Four cute little girls came and wanted me to be a `Drug Free Marshal' so I said, `Sure.' . . . It's hard not to be against drugs… I surely do not endorse Scientology and I wouldn't have done it if I thought it would be used for publicity purposes.''

Another interesting aspect of the press release is that it quotes NYC Scientology honcho John Carmichael. In May, 2008, Carmichael verbally threatened a group of peaceful protestors, and then made a bizarre claim as he leaned in for emphasis: "I smell pussy."

Recently another serious scandal has come to light in regard to Scientology's New York City operations. At a ceremony to dedicate the re-opening of the NYC Scientology building, a prominent Scientologist named Stephan Hittman, who had worked briefly at the New York Fire Department in a minor administrative job, declared himself to be an "Honorary Commissioner" of the Fire Department. In that phony role, he made a speech and bestowed upon the cult the New York Fire Department's "Medal of Valor," for the cult's supposed heroic actions at "Ground Zero" after 9/11. Scientology shamelessly trumpets this "award" on many of its web sites, despite the fact that the Medal of Valor is only ever awarded posthumously to firefighters who have perished in the line of duty.

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