22 Aug 2008

Delay in FLDS 'Lost Boy' murder sentencing angers victim's family

Salt Lake Tribune - August 21, 2008

by Melinda Rogers

WEST JORDAN - Sentencing for a former polygamist sect "lost boy" -- convicted of killing his girlfriend after she refused to have sex with him at a party -- was delayed Thursday, sparking anger from the victim's family.
Third District Judge Royal Hansen instead ordered Parley Jeff Dutson, 19, to undergo a 60-day diagnostic evaluation in prison before sentence is imposed. Dutson, one of the many male youths exiled by the FLDS sect and known as "lost boys," faces up to life in prison.
Last month, a jury convicted Dutson of first-degree felony counts of murder and aggravated sexual assault in the shooting death of 15-year-old Kara Hopkins at an apartment complex party on April 7, 2007.
Family and friends of Hopkins said Thursday they were disappointed Dutson's sentencing didn't take place. Several had been ready to address Dutson in court, with harsh words about the life he took.
"It's not giving us the closure we need today, especially for her mother and the family," said Sheri Ross, a sister-in-law of Hopkins.
Heidi Nielson, another relative, said she could barely stomach looking at Dutson.
"I just look at him in disgust," she said, noting she believes Dutson should lose his life for murdering Hopkins.
"I just believe in an-eye-for-an-eye," she
Witnesses testified that Dutson ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms before repeatedly demanding sex from Hopkins. He grabbed the girl, removed her belt and then shot her.
Dutson testified that he didn't remember anything from the assault because he was "too high."

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