3 Dec 2007

Survivors Protest Kids Helping Kids

The Cincinnati Beacon - December 2, 2007

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On Friday, November 30th, a handful of protesters hit Milford, holding signs outside of the “Kids Helping Kids” facility. They claim the institution is a cult-like brainwashing center that abuses children in the name of treatment. “The treatment was based on North Korean brainwashing of American prisoners,” said Anthony Connelly. “The abuse I endured occurred from 1986 until 1988. It ranges from verbal assaults to solitary confinement.”

"Kids Helping Kids uses identical techniques that Straight Inc. used. It was shut down in the early 90’s for allegations of these horrible abuses,” explained Connelly. “In 1993, Kids Helping Kids moved from Hebron, KY into the Straight Inc. building in Milford.”

“This is a behavior modification program, which is part of a congressional investigation into widespread allegations of abuse,” continued Connelly. “CA Rep. George Miller and the Government Accountability Office recently held hearings on these abuses and deaths of teenagers and are attempting to implement bill HR-1738. I fear this bill, if signed into law, would not be enough to stop this atrocious dilemma.”

Representatives from Kids Helping Kids did not respond to our inquiries for comment.

“My human rights were violated and I was tortured into submission starting at age 14,” said Connelly. “Some tactics used on us were food deprivation, sleep deprivation, humiliation, physical abuse, no communication with the outside world, memorize and adhere to all program doctrine. I was also forced to lie to progress and eventually became brainwashed through the use of these uncanny methods.”


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