19 Sep 2007

Jehovah's Witness Elder Pleads Guilty In Sex Court Case

News Talk 980 - Saskatchewan, Canada

September 18, 2007

Willick Wendell was an elder in a Saskatoon Jehovah's Witnesses congregation when he broke the trust of a fourteen year old girl.

In 2002 the girl came forward to police, complaining that the sexual incidents began back in 1996 when she was 14 years old

For the last five years Willick, fought the charges, saying the girl was a willing partner.

The girl, who along with her family were members of the same congregation, says Willick abused his trust and power as an elder at the church.

Tuesday, after unsuccessful motions by the defence, the jury was just settling in to hear the evidence. Then Willick dropped the bombshell - pleading guilty.

He will be sentenced next month.

David Kirton reporting


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