14 Sep 2007

Elizabeth Smart's alleged abductor kicked out of court again

ABC 4 News - September 11, 2007

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Brian Mitchell never got a chance to hear what doctors said about his evaluation at the State Hospital.

After five minutes of bellowing out scripture and preaching about doom, he was booted out of the courtroom.

Mitchell is accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing Elizabeth Smart.

Tuesday’s hearing in district court was to determine if he should be forced to take medication to restore his competency.

Mitchell refuses to take any drugs that doctors have requested of him.

As he walked into the courtroom, Mitchell’s eyes remained closed.

And when the judge asked to sit down, he refused.

Instead he quietly began to preach quoting from scripture and making references of destruction and doom.

For nearly five minutes Mitchell remained unplugged as Judge and attorneys looked on.

“Behold that great hole of all the earth whom you love to lie,” Mitchell began shouting." Even that great mother of harlots, even Babylon the great. Repent ye, repent ye all of you. Ye mock and scour the holy one of Israel, ye know I speak the truth,” he continued. “Quake and fear and tremble before you Lord.”

His voice grew louder and that’s when sheriff deputies reeled him in and took him out of the courtroom.

“He's crazy like a fox," said Ed Smart, who watched him for the first time in two years. “He's sick."

Five years ago, Mitchell and his wife Wanda Barzee allegedly kidnapped and sexually molested Elizabeth Smart.

Both are going through psychiatric evaluations to determine their competency.

But Mitchell, like Barzee, refuses to take any medication that prosecutors say will help restore his ability to comprehend.

"It's clear in testimony that medication is appropriate to restore his competency,” said prosecutor Kent Morgan.

A state psychiatrist testified Mitchell has changed considerably since his stay at the State Hospital began nearly two years ago.

According to those who treat him, Mitchell no longer preaches to others, exercises a lot, sleeps well and is more moderate in his behavior that in previous months.

Despite the improvement, the psychiatrist said Mitchell isn't competent and needs to be medically treated for his delusional disorder.

“Whatever the outcome, I hope he never gets out,” said Smart.

The hearing is expected to last three days. Tomorrow, Mitchell’s attorneys will provide their own witnesses against forced medication.


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