13 Nov 2010

Violent Tony Alamo enforcer and fugitive, John Kolbek, to be featured on America's Most Wanted

Texarkana Gazette, December 7, 2009

‘America’s Most Wanted’ to air profile of Kolbek

By Kristi Jordan

A profile of Tony Alamo follower and fugitive John Kolbek will air at 8 p.m. Saturday on FOX as a segment of “America’s Most Wanted.”

Television crews visited the Alamo ministry’s Fouke, Ark., compound in October to film footage for the show.

As part of their filming, the crews followed Texarkana Gazette reporter Lynn LaRowe, who has covered the Alamo saga since a September 2008 raid on the Fouke compound. She provided background information about the Alamo trial and Kolbek’s role in the organization.

Portions of that interview will be included in the Kolbek segment.

Diana Nolan, “America’s Most Wanted” associate producer, said public interest and law enforcement requests brought the case to the show’s attention and Kolbek’s alleged crimes warranted his placement on the program.

“We found out about the John Kolbek case in two different ways. We had people write in and ask us to do this story. We were also asked by police in Fort Smith (Ark.) to get involved and when we researched the case, we just saw that it seemed like he’s a very violent man from his crimes,” Nolan said.

She said that Kolbek is charged with battery, and court testimony by the victims seemed very graphic.

“We thought that it was our duty to do what we could to put him on the show and see if we could catch him,” she said.

Nolan said the visit was an important part of getting the best information to viewers to generate solid leads, which she hopes will bring Kolbek to justice.

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Violent Tony Alamo enforcer and fugitive, John Kolbek, to be featured on America's Most Wanted

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