15 Nov 2010

Georgia Pastor charged with sexually abusing 5 year old boy has long criminal record, including child molestation

WASV 3 NBC - Savannah, Georgia January 7, 2010

Pastor Charged with Child Molestation

By Andrew Davis | Anchor/Reporter

A Bloomingdale pastor is behind bars for allegedly molesting a young girl.

Kenneth Terrell was arrested by Effingham County Sheriffs Wednesday night.

He is charged with child molestation and sexual battery.

Investigators say Terrell molested a girl under the age of 5 from August to October of 2009.

According to Sheriffs, the crimes happened in Effingham County, but the little girl went to Terrell’s church.

Terrell is the pastor at the New Harvest International Ministries Church on Highway 80.

It wasn’t his first stop. That church has moved several times, from Savannah, to Pooler, and finally to Bloomingdale.

Sheriffs say this isn’t Terrell’s first run in with the law.

“He’s been charged with several felonies as well as several misdemeanors,“ said David Eshanipoor. “They range from 1983 to 2005 is the most recent arrest. They include but are not limited to criminal trespassing, burglary, various drug charges, obstruction charges.“

Terrell has already spent time in prison.

He also stood trial for child molestation back in 1995.. a trial that ended without a verdict.

The investigation is continuing, and sheriffs say there could be more victims.

If you have any information that may help, call Effingham County Sheriff’s Investigators at 912-754-3449.

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The Coastal Source - Savannah, Georgia January 9, 2010

Bloomingdale Pastor No Stranger to Breaking the Law

Reported by: Nikki Gaskins | The Coastal Source

BLOOMINGDALE—New developments are in surrounding the arrest of an Effingham county pastor charged with child molestation and sexual battery. It turns out he's no stranger to breaking the law.

According to criminal records, 45-year-old Kenneth Terrell has been in and out of prison since 1982 and has at least ten prior convictions.

Terrell has done time for burglary, attempted burglary, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, and the list goes on.

Prior to his arrest this week, Terrell was the pastor at New Harvest International Ministries Church. Deputies arrested him on Wednesday.

"God didn't put pastors here and give them the knowledge to corrupt our small children nor anyone else," stated Bloomingdale resident, Sandra Payne.

To say Payne is outraged by the alleged actions of Kenneth Terrell is an understatement.

"My baby grandson is three years old and to know that I can't even send my grandson to church and know that he's safe is scary,” stated Payne. "We teach them don't get in cars with strangers. How are we going to teach them don't go to church?"

According to the Effingham County Sheriff's Office, Terrell had been molesting a boy under the age of five between August and October of 2009.

"A child that young there's no way that he could have fought back," stated Payne.

"It sickens me," stated Bloomindale resident, Olivia Clancy.

Clancy says Terrell is far from being a man of God.

"You trust those people and when they break that trust, especially for a small child, that child is ruined forever,” stated Clancy.

Clancy's business is located directly across the street from Terrell’s church. Neighbors say it’s only been there for a few months.

"It's pretty scary that it happens right under your nose and like I said it's the tip of the iceberg," stated Clancy.

If convicted, both women say Terrell should be punished severely.

"I think they should be executed because then they can never get out and do it again," stated Clancy.

"I think he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” stated Payne.

Terrell still remains behind bars at Effingham County Jail. A date for his bond hearing has yet to be set.

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