22 Nov 2010

Bible teacher at Adventist school charged with rape of 15 year old student

KING 5 News - Washington February 20, 2010

Auburn Christian school teacher charged with rape

by Tonya Mosley | KING 5 News

AUBURN, Wash. – A Bible teacher at an Auburn school has been charged with having sex with a 15-year-old student.

Police say Scott Spies, 49, confessed to having sex with a girl from Auburn Adventist Academy more than 15 times over the course of the school year.

Spies is charged with third degree rape and sexual misconduct. He was arrested last week and released from jail on Saturday after posting bail

Auburn Adventist Academy Principal Marvin Mitchell calls it a tragedy.

"The situation escalated into something that was unacceptable," he said.

Mitchell said the now 16-year-old student, who is part of the boarding program at the private Christian academy, looked to Spies as a mentor.

"She found a person who she felt like she could share with and that was the beginning of it," he said.

Detectives call what happened rape.

"The student described them as starting to get close in about February of 09," says Sgt. Dave Colglazier with the Auburn Police Department.

On Tuesday, the student told police that she and Spies began having sex at the beginning of the school year at his apartment just a few miles away from the school

The school first starting hearing rumors about the relationship late last week and brought both the student and Spies in the office for questioning. They both denied it until Monday. The school immediately notified police and fired Spies.

"Because of this we are re-examining all of our policies and teacher student relationships, we are dedicated to the safety of our students," said Mitchell.

Mitchell said the main focus now for the 300-plus student body is moving on and helping the victim.

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