15 Dec 2008

Fundamentalist parents face trial on child abuse charges

Oregonlive.com - December 15, 2008
Associated Press

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A trial starts Monday for a Turner couple accused of abusing nine of their children by beating them with 2x4s, metal and plastic pipes.

Robyn Kay Drown and Graydon Drown each were indicted on 25 counts of assault and criminal mistreatment.

All nine children were taken by child welfare officials. Their ages range from an infant to 16 years old. They also have adult children.

Graydon Drown, 49, and Robyn Drown, 42, have remained in Marion County jail since their arrest. They pleaded not guilty in July.

In August, Robyn Drown filed for divorce.

They also are accused of withholding medical and dental treatment from their children.

The oldest daughter, Anya Warde, said her father adhered to a strict, fundamentalist religion he crafted for himself and his family.

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