11 Jul 2008

The Church Of Scientology’s Child Labor Abuse Exposed

GlossLip.com July 7, 2008

Australia’s Channel 7 reporter Brian Seymour did a brilliant expose on the Church of Scientology’s long-standing child labor abuse, and their wide-spread deprivation of education to children of staff members. The expose, done in conjunction with an ex-child Sea Org member, exposes children being forced to work over 40 hour weeks and not providing these children with basic education.
Of course Scientology’s response to the report was typical. They accused the reporter of being an agent who is working with Anonymous, because of course, no one in their right mind would question a sinister cult which seeks to undermine families, rob people of their money AND their dignity, and violate both moral and legal codes of conduct. Right?
WRONG. Thank you to Brian Seymour for having the courage and to Channel 7 for backing him up. Also, many thanks to WS for forwarding this story.
Also, Anonymous will be staging their SIXTH protest this weekend, Saturday, July 12th. Clearly, their efforts are hammering away at the crumbling facade of deception Scientology has precariously built on its web of lies.
Glosslip will have more on the next protest later this week.
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