12 May 2008

Forced to Marry at 14

Coming up on the Oprah Winfrey Show - May 14, 2008

Forced to Marry at 14: Lisa Ling's Special Report on Polygamy

In her first television interview, a young woman who was forced to marry her cousin at age 14 speaks out. Find out how she escaped the polygamist sect she grew up in and how she then eventually helped put the leader behind bars. Plus, Lisa Ling reports from behind the gates of the Eldorado, Texas, polygamist compound. In a rare on-camera meeting, several women from the community share with Lisa how they feel about the recent raid and separation of mothers from their children. Then, off-limits until now, Lisa gains access to a now-abandoned polygamist community, revealing mysterious secret passages and hidden rooms. Join us as we take you deep inside the impenetrable world of polygamy on today's [May 14] Oprah.


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