22 Nov 2007

Second group of cult followers awaits apocalypse in Penza, Russia

RIA Novosti, Russia

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, November 22 (RIA Novosti) - A new group of doomsday cult followers have barricaded themselves into the home of their leader in the Penza Region to await the end of the world, local media said on Thursday.

Two women and three children, who were too late to seal themselves underground together with the main group of 32 members of the so-called True Russian Orthodox Church, have locked themselves in the house of the cult leader.

The sect, which calls itself The True Russian Orthodox Church,” was formed by Pyotr Kuznetsov, known as Father Pyotr, a 43-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic.

He is believed to have ordered his followers underground in early November, but declined to join them in their cave.

The group leader is currently being held in a psychiatric hospital, and a criminal case has been launched against him.


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  1. The problem with reporting of this kind is that it gives the false impression that the children consented to sealing themselves away from the outside world. "Two women and three children ... have locked themselves ...". It is highly unlikely the children were given any choice in the matter. Anyway, even if they had been given a choice, they still would not have been able to give informed consent in those circumstances. This article should have instead stated: "A woman locked herself and three children ...".